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Hand-rolled beeswax candles 20 cm

Hand-rolled beeswax candles 20 cm

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Hand-Rolled Beeswax Candles Three-Pack | Natural & Handmade | Bee-Candles

Hand-Rolled Beeswax Candles in Three-Pack

Natural and Handmade

Our set of hand-rolled beeswax candles offers the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty. Carefully hand-rolled and packed, these charming candles are an ideal addition to any home.

100% Pure Norwegian Beeswax

Each candle is crafted from 100% pure Norwegian beeswax, renowned for its clean and natural burn. The beeswax candles release negative ions to improve air quality and provide a natural, soothing scent without additives.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Not only a sustainable choice, our beeswax candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles. Enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere for several hours with an estimated burn time of about 6 hours per candle.

Product Details

  • Number in package: 3 candles
  • Length per candle: Approx. 20 cm
  • Diameter per candle: Approx. 2 cm
  • Estimated burn time: About 6 hours per candle

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Order your three-pack of hand-rolled beeswax candles today at, and enjoy the warm, natural glow in your own home.

<li><strong>Diameter per candle:</strong> Approx. 2 cm</li>
<li><strong>Estimated burn time:</strong> About 6 hours per candle</li>

<h2>Purchase at</h2>
<p>Order your three-pack of <strong>hand-rolled beeswax candles</strong> today at <a href=""></a>, and enjoy the warm, natural glow in your own home.</p>
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