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Tree of Life Beeswax Candle - 100% Pure Norwegian Beeswax

Tree of Life Beeswax Candle - 100% Pure Norwegian Beeswax

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Tree of Life Beeswax Candle |

Tree of Life Beeswax Candle

Unique and Natural

Explore the beauty of our Tree of Life beeswax candle , artistically designed to celebrate the wonders of nature. This candle, cast in 100% pure Norwegian beeswax, represents both sustainability and natural aesthetics, and is a perfect addition to any home.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

With its clean burning and eco-friendly nature, the Tree of Life candle offers not only a warm light, but also a soothing and clean atmosphere. This beeswax has been carefully selected for its high quality and ability to improve indoor air quality.

Ideal as a gift

Whether for a friend, family member, or as a special gift for yourself, this candle is a perfect gift for those who value craftsmanship and nature. Its symbolism and unique design make it a memorable and thoughtful gift.

Product details

  • Weight: Approx. 85 grams
  • Size: 7cm high, 7cm wide, 2.5cm deep
  • Material: 100% Pure Norwegian Beeswax
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